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Kevin J Turnquest ( formerly called Kevin Alcena) & MI College Nassau Bahamas ( formerly called Mchari Institute)

If you have visited the website of the MI College Nassau Bahamas (McHari Institute) ( you may wonder what sort of college it purports to be and who exactly is the institute’s vice-chancellor Kevin Alcena? How does he have the ability to persuade so many VIPs to become members of the board of governors of this institution?

Well via this blog I will be telling you all about this Kevin Alcena and his so-called college. Another unanswered question is why 16 students have gone missing from the MI College Nassau Bahamas (formerly called McHari Institute).
Firstly I want you to hear what Mr Alcena boasts about himself, (here are two pictures of him: the left one was taken a few decades ago, the  one on the right was taken a few years ago.  you will know whom he is)
“The Bahamas is under my control although right now I am not PM, in the next 4 years I will become PM of the Bahamas. I write articles on the Tribune under the caption ‘Bottom Line’ every Monday. My articles influence the Bahamanian government policy towards the United States which is why I can request members of the US Justice Department to give lectures at my school – the McHari Institute. I devise and determine the annual budget of the Bahamas and Carl Bethel had to consult me regarding the financial policies of the Bahamas. The Director of Immigration Vernon Burrows listens to me as I beat him on the street. You want to work in the Bahamas? This is easy for me to arrange, my friends James Rolle and Campbell both work for me. I can get your papers within 2 weeks. With regards to foreign affairs – Arthur Foulkes is considering making me the foreign ambassador for either Cuba or China. My school the McHari Institute? Dion Foulkes is my best friend so everything is OK. Police? Marvin at CID is my cousin, so who can touch me? Not only that the Bahamas government owes me 4 million.”
So reading what Kevin Alcena says about himself do you have any doubt about what sort of person he is? I will start with revealing everything about him and then his family and school and his relationship with the officials he mentions and last and not least how those students disappeared from his school. You will hear the truth.
I first met Kevin Alcena through Diana Meyer and at the time when we met the McHari Institute website looked like this however this was not their website address at the time. By the time I arrived in the Bahamas this website had already been closed. As you can see on this site there is a list of ‘Global Education Consultants’ and I was listed as one of them. To this day I have no idea how I got this title.
Alcena originally invited me to the Bahamas to attend a seminar on June 16, 2000 titled ‘Caribbean Area Financial Services’. He told me that he wrote pieces for the Tribune newspaper and actually sent me some copies which did indeed show his byline on articles. He also told me that he determined the Bahamas annual budget as he was an economist and attorney and that he acted as a consultant for Carl Bethel who was unknown to me at the time.
I was initially suspicious about the Institute because there were no pictures of the classrooms or other facilities in any of the materials that Alcena had sent to me. As a result I began to check up on the McHari Institute by sending an email to Deloitte Touche in the Bahamas to find out if they really offered the ‘Master of International Trust Administration’ qualification in association with the Institute and also asking about Diana Meyer. Richard Evans who is the Director of Deloitte Touche Bahamas replied to my email stating that they did indeed offer this qualification in association with the institute and he also confirmed Diana Meyer’s authenticity. I also sent a fax to a government organization that I trusted asking them to check up on the Institute. At midnight on the day I sent the fax Kevin Alcena called me to say he had received a translated copy of my fax and confirmed that by telling me what I had originally written. Because of this my doubts about the Institute and Kevin Alcena were diminished and I sent him my passport. Alcena then arranged for visa to be issued to me And so I traveled to the Bahamas which is where my nightmare really began.
I reached Bahamas on June 11, 2000. Alcena drove me to Blair; he said most of students dorms were in Blair. But I did not see any students around. In the beginning I was put at his office, there were four people including Kevin Alcena working at his office, they were Catherine Butler, Elvis and Johnason. Alcena told me that most of employees were traveling to get that seminar ready. In the end I finally met around 20 people at a conference room in the Hilton Hotel, Alcena said those people were working for him, such as Mr. Major was his bodyguard, Ria was his personal assistant, etc.

That Seminar was held on June 16, 2002. During the Seminar Arthur Foulkes made a speech, Alcena told me that he was step son of Arthur Foulkes, and Arthur Foulkes was considering in appointing him as ambassador to China or Cuba. I asked some girls I met in the conference room what they did at Mchari Institute. They told me that they did not work for Mchari Institute. I told them that Kevin Alcena told me those people I met in the conference room worked him, those girls told me that they did not work for Mchari Institute, and they just worked for the school for that one week for this seminar. After the seminar, I told Alcena that I wanted to see classrooms, he told me Jin would come in a couple of days so we could see classrooms together. When Jin came, Alcena took us to College of Bahamas, he took us to the right wing of the building saying that his classrooms were all on that side.
The second day Jin arrived, Alcena found a job for him at a bookstore. We asked Alcena if we could work as we were not allowed to work according to our visas, Alcena said there was no problem with him, Vernon Burrows was scared of him as he beat him on the street before (later I will tell you that I did confirm with Mr. Burrow about this), and Campbell and James Rolle were all his friends, they both worked for him. Alcena said he could let us work in the name of internship. We asked Alcena who they were, Alcena told us that Burrows was Director of Immigration in Nassau, Campbell was Deputy Director, and James Rolle was Deputy Director in Freeport. That night, Alcena took me and Jin to his office, Alcena said he would do some protection to us. Alcena poured some scent around us and then asked me and Jin to take off our clothes. I told him that I was not going to take off my clothes. After finishing those procedures, Alcena told Jin to watch me as I did not have his protection.
Alcena put me and Jin at Ria’s apartment in Blair. Alcena told us not to talk to any one as people would know that we were his students, because he was writing articles influencing Bahamas’ policy towards US, people in the US were trying to assassinate him, we had to be careful. Alcena put me in his office during the day, Jin worked in the bookstore, in the evening Alcena would pick him up, and drove us to Ria’s apartment. Alcena always stayed there till midnight. Jin and I looked for every chance to go out to ask people about Kevin Alcena. We did not get too much information about him. But Alcena still found out we were checking on him, he said Ria did not like us to stay at her apartment, he forced me to stay at his home, changed Jin’s job and forced him to work in a restaurant. From then, I began to know Alcena, Alcena’s wife and his daughters.
Kevin Alcena’s wife Julie Alcena was office manager of Harry B. Sand law firm, his daughter Melissa Alcena attended Lyford Cay School. At that time they lived at Cable Beach, they leased a condominium. Kevin Alcena has five outside children, one in UK called Jessica Alcena, the other four with three sisters in the Bahamas. Kevin Alcena told us that he was godfather of those four children. Julie and Melissa told people that I was international exchange student and that was why I was put at their home.
Kevin Alcena claims himself as Dr. Kevin J. Alcena Ph.D. Economics, Lawyer & Fellow of The F.Inst. L.Ex., ACIArb. Institute of Legal Executives; ACIArb.; Vice Chairman of McHari's Board; Vice Chancellor of McHari. First Kevin Alcena said he was Kevin J. Alcena, but Alcena told us that his name was Kevin Turquest Alcena; he came to the Bahamas when he was 6 years old from Haiti. Alcena said Arthur Foulkes was from Haiti, and that was why he was step son of Arthur Foulkes. Second Kevin Alcena said he had Ph. D degree, I still remember that when I saw a sign on the street saying patio for sale. I asked Kevin Alcena what patio meant, Kevin Alcena explained that patio for sale means partial for sale as owner was not sure he wanted to sell or not. Third, he said he was a lawyer & fellow of the institute of Legal Executives, he subscribed $50 to a magazine called executive something, that magazine mentioned his name inside, so he gave him lawyer this title. Fourth Kevin Alcena said he was vice chairman of Mchari’s Board and Vice Chancellor of Mchari, as I said before, they are only 4 people in his office, but he gave a long list of those people name saying they were on Mchari’s Board, and worked at Mchari Institute, Kevin Alcena are telling lies, during that seminar, Alcena sent out a lot of mails to people asking them to attend, if some of them replied to him, he just put those people’s name in the school list.
Kevin Alcena puts a long list of courses Mchari Institute offers, and says that he designs those courses, here is how he “designs “ those courses: he told those people working at his office to plagiarize those articles on the internet, then combine them together.
Please check this link:
If Kevin Alcena really was like what he claimed himself, do you think just for that presentation, how many references he had to use?
After all 16 students came, Kevin Alcena began to instigate us, he did not allow us to talk to each other. He began to find jobs for us, we did not get paid directly, Alcena collected checks. Sharon worked at his home as a maid, Kim worked at his girlfriend Ann’s home as a maid, and he put some working in the restaurant. Some student lived in Blair, he rented an apartment, and some lived in the apartment in downtown, that apartment is cross street from Holiday Inn. In August 2000 Kevin Alcena took us to Freeport to change our visa status, I was kept at his home, that night before we went to Freeport, Alcena’s wife Julie asked for money from Alcena to pay bills and make down payment for buying a house. I heard that Alcena told Julie that he had no money at that time. Julie asked about those students’ money, Alcena said he had to pay to some people, he said he paid James Rolle $30,000 to solve our visa problems, he said that he would demand more money from us, and send us away, and then he would use that money to buy a house.
When we went to Freeport, Alcena introduced a guy to us, that guy told us that it would take about 45 minutes by fast boat to go to Miami, and he would charge us $10,000. We said nothing. After we came back, Alcena took us to his office, Alcena told Piao to call her husband in the US to send her money, so that she could go to the US. And then he told us to call our families to send money to us, otherwise he would send us to Immigration Detention Center. Then Alcena let a woman talk to us, Alcena told us she was an Immigration officer (I do not know her name, but I still remember her face)
Alcena divided us into 3 groups, and he told lies to each group to make each group against each other and not trust each other. In November 2000, one of the three groups was smuggled to the US, Alcena took away our visas and passport saying that was good for us because if we were caught in the Bahamas, he could use our visas and passports to take us out, and if were caught in the US, he would get a lawyer for us to take us out. I told him I did not want to stay there, and I wanted to go home, he beaten me and tore my ticket. In the end of November, I told Alcena I did not want to go to work, he did not allow me to stay alone with Sharon who was his maid, so he forced me to go to his office with him. He said the water was so rough, and if I listened to him, he would not send me to the US by boat, he would get US visa for me. He said that group of people went to the US by boat, and they had reached New York. I said nothing.
In January 2001, Alcena held a meeting with we four people: his girlfriend’s SUN, SUN’s husband, another student and me: Alcena said he would join the Cabinet , he told them to watch me as I talked to too many people. And Alcena said that four million Bahamas government owed him would pay him back.
Later I found out the story of that four million Bahamas government owed him. He had a contract with BaTelCo, but BaTelCo found out that it was a scam, BaTelCo cancelled the contract. Kevin Alcena had no shame to sue BaTelCo for compensation 4 million.
In February 2001, Alcena sent his maid Sharon to the Freeport to talk to smugglers, then Alcena tried smuggled Li and some other people, but Li was caught by Immigration in the Bahamas, Alcena took him out. Again Alcena tried to smuggle Kim and Li, they were caught again, and again Alcena took them out. In April 2001, Alcena put Kim at his office, and put Gordon’s wife working at his girlfriend’s home, this month Alcena smuggled Gordon and his wife to the US. In May 2001, Alcena smuggled Sharon who was his maid and Quint.
In March 2000, I was helped by some kind Bahamians, at their risk—and that risk continues today for them, to get out of his home. I was kept as an actual prisoner at this Alcena’s home for about 9 months.
In June 2001, Alcena came to my apartment, asking me and another student to go to US with Kim together, Alcena told us that he had changed those people’s status, and he would change our status as soon as we got to the US. I told him I had no interest. On a Saturday morning, two police officers came to my apartment saying my visa was cancelled because I was expelled from Mchari Institute, the reason I was expelled was that “I did not follow Alcena’s school policy of fraud.” The signature was James Rolle.
Those two kind police officers told me to go to the Police to report Alcena after I told them what happened to me. I went to the Police to report Alcena, Alcena’s girlfriend SUN ( Alcena called her Sue, most people thought I was her because of the same name) told me that Alcena told her that his cousin Marvin told him everything I told the Police.
I went to the Immigration in Nassau to report Alcena smuggling those students to the US and that there was actually no school at all. One of the two officials said Alcena gave those students diplomas and those students went back to their home country already. I told them that that was not true, Alcena smuggled them to the US already. That official denied this, offering no proof. The same day that I went to the Immigration, Alcena told me that his friend Campbell, who was that official, told him what happened in his office. Alcena said at that time I should have known how powerful he was.
In the beginning when I had just come to the Bahamas, Alcena demanded $700 from me, saying that was protection fee paid to a specific top official. After I was helped to move out of his home, I went to this actual official’s office and asked him about this, he said he did not know this. The same day in the afternoon, Alcena gave me this $700 back and asked me to sign a paper saying I got this $700–Obviously, someone doesn’t like Alcena’s methods of using their name in extorting money from helpless foreigners.
I still remember that in the end of the year 2000, Tertiary Education Association of the Bahamas had a meeting to specify requirements for being a school which was: physical classroom, physical faculties. Because Mchari Institute had neither of them, Alcena cursed that lady and threatened her during the meeting so that the meeting had to be adjourned.
We 16 people were all enrolled in Master of International Trust Administration Program, but we did not attend even one class. Each time when I asked when we would attend class, Alcena’s anwers always were the next month. When we asked for tuition back, what we got were being cursed or being beaten up by him, and he called some guys to threaten us. If we did not listen to him or talk to people, we got beaten up. I was beaten up by him a few times in the public because I talked to people. I asked for my tuition back from him, he told me to ask for money from Dion Foulkes.
I hope the above could give you a general idea about the true nature of this so-called “school” Mchari Institute and the actual nature of the fraud Alcena, this evil person, so that some other people would not become victims of this scam.
Thank you for your time; if you have any particular gaps, I would be happy to fill them in.

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